Alexander McQueen – 17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010

Posted on May 16, 2011

So often artists set about conveying an idea without mastering the means. Not so with Alexander McQueen. He used his extreme mastery as a tailor to convert the runway into a gallery – his collections did not simply have inspirations and themes, they communicated so eloquently and dramatically.



From May 4th to July 31st, 2011, the Met is showcasing a retrospective of McQueen’s work entitled“Savage Beauty”.







McQueen’s words “It is important to look at death because it is a part of life. It is a sad thing, melancholy but romantic at the same time. It is the end of a cycle—everything has to end. The cycle of life is positive because it gives room for new things.”

Alexander McQueen you left us way too soon.

Apart from being inspired by the wondrous result of McQueen emptying his fascinating mind onto the runway, we have been left with a stunning example of what can happen when an artist marries impeccable technical skill with ideas and creativity.

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