Meet Me At The Center Of The Earth

Posted on April 4, 2011

O. Nick. Cave.

Meet Me At The Center Of The Earth. Seattle Art Museum. You have until June 5th. GO. Go now because you may need to go twice.

Nick suit

I had the book, so I knew what to expect, real is always so much more though and I was exhilarated. Walking among the fantastic “sound suits”, my awe started giving way to panic. Nick flings too much inspiration, too many ideas and Time started pressing on my head. There is just not enough time – although Nick seems to have a secret store (or many minions). His gorgeous, labour intensive creations have a variety of messages. A reaction to the Rodney King riots, Nick created his first soundsuit using twigs as fur for a manbeast. His other work talks about black culture, community, re purposing overlooked and forgotten objects and materials – many suits are conceived while sorting through diamonds-to-be in thrift stores.

Nick suit 2

e levi n kai n nick

In their own sound shirts we worked on to wear to the exhibition (their shirts really helped them anticipate and engage with the art), my small boys danced themselves dizzy along with the huge, energetic projections. In Nick’s suits of vivid, dyed human hair and raffia, people as wild shamanistic creatures dance, fall from the sky and roll themselves into massive woolly pompoms… GO.

Nick suit stick

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